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OLSRD httpinfo plugin

This plugin implements a HTTP server that supplies the client with various dynamic web pages representing the current olsrd status.
The different pages include:
  • Configuration - This page displays information about the current olsrd configuration. This includes various olsr settings such as IP version, MID/TC redundancy, hysteresis etc. Information about the current status of the interfaces on which olsrd is configured to run is also displayed. Loaded olsrd plugins are shown with their plugin parameters. Finally all local HNA entries are shown. These are the networks that the local host will anounce itself as a gateway to.
  • Routes - This page displays all routes currently set in the kernel by olsrd. The type of route is also displayed(host or HNA).
  • Links/Topology - This page displays all information about links, neighbors, topology, MID and HNA entries.
  • All - Here all the previous pages are displayed as one. This is to make all information available as easy as possible(for example for a script) and using as few resources as possible.
  • About - this help page.

Send questions or comments to olsr-users@olsr.org or andreto-at-olsr.org
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